OAO VNIPIneft - Research and Design Institute for Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry - has been established on February 9, 1929.   


Since 1969 the Institute has been a head organization of the Neftekhim All-Union Association that incorporated a majority of research & design institutes for oil refining, gas processing and petrochemical industries. The Association employed over 15 thousand people. At that time VNIPIneft had 6 branch offices: in Angarsk, Gorky, Kuibyshev, Omsk, Rostov-na-Donu and Ufa.


In May 1994, a VNIPIneft open joint-stock company was established. Majority ownership of the OAO VNIPIneft’s shares are under control of the Federal Property Management Agency and 48.09% of the shares are owned by SNC Lavalin.


In August 2004, OAO VNIPIneft was included in the list of strategically important companies of the Russian Federation by RF President Decree No. 1009. The share of the State in authorized capital of such companies is not subject to privatization.

OAO VNIPIneft had designed:

  •  40 oil refineries and industrial facilities in Russia, the CIS countries,  Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, India, Cuba, Poland, Turkey, Ethiopia;  
  • over 300 oil-refining units based on domestic and foreign processes.


Since 1998, when a contract related to Sakhalin 1 Project was signed, OAO VNIPIneft has performed design in the field of oil and gas production. In 2006, a branch office was established in Perm; the main task of the branch office is carrying out work on design of oil field development.   

Currently OAO VNIPIneft is a leading Russian engineering company in the field of designing oil refining, gas processing, petrochemical, chemical plants and oil field development in respect of its technical capabilities, the volume of work on hand and the scope of orders awarded.